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ACTION D.1: Online Communication


The project website (www.kisalfoldilife.hu) was launched in October 2012 where we present the project sin detail. It is operational both in Hungarian and English and is regularly updated with news and progress of the actions. Please subscribe to our newsletter on admin@kisalfoldilife.hu.


The Kisalföldi Homokpuszta facebook page was created in March 2013, which is also operational, being updated and contains all necessary information about the project (e.g. the international conference, articles, media coverage, project progress, etc.). Although it was not a required step, it was useful to reach the target audience and improve communication activities.
Short videos shot by the beneficiaries on the conservation actions are available on the YouTube site of the project.
The first two newsletters were sent out in May and October 2013.  The webpage provides opportunity to prescribe to the newsletter on this link. Newsletters included information about the project progress, recent news, etc. illustrated with pictures.


The third newsletter was sent out before the International Conference at the beginning of May 2014. The fourth newsletter was sent out shortly after the conference at the end of May 2014 summarizing the findings and the results of the event. The fifth newsletter was sent out in October 2014 in order to inform the public about the project results and most importantly the forthcoming 2nd public information meeting and press conference. All newsletters are illustrated with pictures and also have links to the project website to enhance webpage attendance. The database of the prescribers of the newsletter is determined by the beneficiaries: basically local municipalities, professional and civic organisations and educational institutions are listed. The webpage provides opportunity to prescribe to the newsletter.


The 6th newsletter was sent out April 2015 to inform experts and the public about the International seminar organised in May 2015 and other news.

ACTION D.2: Media actions


The second press conference together with the first public information meeting on 30th May 2013was held, aiming to introduce the project to the media and the public (out of the 70 media actors and 90 other organisations 35 persons attended on the public information meeting and 6 media representatives were present at the press conference). There are 2 press releases, 1 national newspaper and 17 internet articles delivered. 7 TV news and 1 radio news were made so far.
Press release can be found here.


Relating to the international conference, a press conference was also held before the event. After the International conference titled  "Nature protection in military areas", the articles were published in the following media:
- Greenfo
- Veol.hu
- Honvedelem.hu
- webpage of National Forestry Association
- Raketaezred.hu
- Veszprémi Napló daily newspaper
- Veszprém TV
- Echo TV Hazai Vadász c. programmo
The 3rd press conference was organised by AQUA together with the 2nd public information meeting on 6th November 2014 in the Móricz Zsigmond Green Elementary School at Győrszentiván.
The following articles and interviews (available only in Hungarian language) were published in the media:
- Oxygen HÍrügynökség
 - Győr+ TV
 - Turizmus Online
 - Győr+ TV online
 - Infovilág
 - greenfo
 - Tudománypláza
 - Győr+ TV You Tube
 - Oxygen TV You Tube
 - Országos Erdészeti Egyesület
Links of the interviews and articles listed above can be seen in Downloads/Media coverage.


The 4th Press conference was organised on 20th May 2015. on the first day of the International seminar.
As a result, the following articles and interviews (available only in Hungarian language) were published in the media:
- Győr+ online
- Országos Erdészeti Egyesület (oee.hu)
- Oxygen Hírügynökség
- Oxygen Media Híradó
- Győrplusz TV
- Honvedelem.hu

Links of the interviews and articles listed above can be seen in Downloads/Media coverage.

ACTION D.3 Survey: Civil perception on the participation of the military in nature conservation projects


 The regional survey report based on 171 filled-in questionnaires and 17 interviews is ready: most respondents heard about the project (illegal waste dumping is the biggest environmental issue in the project area). Communication messages will consider the opinion of the public.
As per the evaluation of both the interviews and the survey, it emerged that most participants had heard about the project and have a concrete opinion about the issues. Results show that civilians see illegal waste dumping, as the biggest environmental issue in the project area, followed by military usage. Therefore, newsletters, public meetings, printed materials and press conferences should emphasise those actions, which aim to eliminate this issue in order to positively influence the public judgement. Moreover, it should be clear to the public what are the exact environmental threats originating from military use, and what are the actions taken by the consortium to reduce these.
The second phase of the interviews is scheduled for the end of the project implementation period as a control test. This is necessary so that we can measure the change and the success of the communication actions.


The second phase of the survey including a regional and a national survey was conducted in the summer of 2015. The results are summarized in the assessment report.

ACTION D.4: Educational and informational materials

Flyers were printed in both Hungarian and English altogether in 2.000 pieces. The Hungarian version was distributed during the 1st public information meeting in May 2013. The English version was printed in October 2013. They are also available at the offices of the project partners.

Flyers in Hungarian and in English.

The layout and content of the project brochure was developed in 2010 and 100 copies were printed to inform the public on the project. In 2013, the brochure was updated and re-edited in line with the changes in the project. 1300 pieces of the Hungarian version (20 pages) and 200 pieces from the English version were printed..

In May 2014 for the International Conference “Nature protection in military areas” a 16 page long brochures were printed in English including the programme, speakers and key information about the conference.
The conference material (in English) can be downloaded here.

In October 2014 Military field guide was prepared, which can be downloaded from here.

In November 2014 Military field card was prepared together with the SAM WING 12 ’Arrabona’ for the national and international military personnel training on the Györszentiván shooting and practice range. The material can be downloaded from here.

In November 2014 the Consortium started to prepare an information material for motocross drivers by organising a meeting with the Leader of the Motocross Association. They welcomed the idea of cooperation and agreed to review, correct and distribute the information material to the target group. On this meeting all parties and the Director of the Association, moreover several forest guards were attending besides the consortium members. The meeting was successful, which is proven by the fact that the Fertő – Hanság National Park Directorate and the Budapest Forestry Co., uniquely in the country, offered the Association to start a process together and find an alternative motocross route which is acceptable for all parties. This route will be legally registered and the National Park will help to submit the long term permit request to the Environmental Agency.

In April 2015 the Consortium finalized the  information material for motocross drivers and distributed in Győr and in Fertőd. The Motocross Association took part in the action by distributing it in several motosport shops.
In May 2015 a booklet for the international seminar was published, including the seminar schedule, presentations, project results, etc. and was distributed to the participants.

ACTION D.5: Information meetings for the Public

The 1st public information meeting was held on 30th May 2013 together with a press conference with some 30 participants including – besides the general public – representatives of NGOs and other organisations (e.g. Reflex Environmental Association). Several participants expressed their support, moreover discussed possible future cooperation options with the project partners. The success of the public information meeting and the press conference can be measured by the large number of press releases, TV and radio interviews.

February 2014

Cooperation agreement between the Hungarian Bird and Nature Protection Association and the Budapest Forestry Co. The Agreement has been signed as a result of the first Public Information Meeting of the project organised in 2013. Since then the Association gives expert view and advice regarding some of the conservation actions implemented by the Budapest Forestry Co.

November 2014

The 2nd public information meeting was held on 6th November 2014 together with the press conference, with more than 30 participants attending.

The media has interviewed the Fertő-Hanság National Park expert, Gábor Takács and Péter Szőke from the Budapest Forestry Co.


The 3rd Public information meeting together with the last press conference was organised in November 2015. The project results were presented by the Partners' representatives. Multimedia material (15-minute video) was introduced and Layman's reports were distributed on the spot. 

ACTION D.6: Training of military personnel on environmental practices

FHNPD organised and held 2 training courses on 22nd April 2010 and on 10th May 2010 in the military base in Győr. 42 persons attended each course (altogether 84 persons).

The education material (200 pieces) was developed in October 2013 and distributed among the participants.
In November 2013 the military personnel that attended the training were the management of the corps using the project area (SAM WING 12 ’Arrabona’). There were 28 persons attending the training.

The training programme includes:
(i) the introduction of LIFE+ Programme and the project;
(ii) the overview of the national nature conservation bodies;
(iii) the system of the EU nature conservation with special attention to the Natura2000 network;
(iv) introduction of the HUFH20009 area (flora and fauna);
(v) military use and nature protection.

 In October 2014 the Fertő-Hanság National Park Directorate held two environmental trainings including the same training programme and material as above to the personnel of SAM WING 12 ’Arrabona’. 101 people participated on the trainings, which included: introduction of the Hungarian Little Plain LIFE+ project, protected flora & fauna, nature protection regulations, guidelines for environmental friendly training; integrated environmental and military management plan for the area, and most importantly, aims to find an optimal balance between ongoing military activities and the natural preservationist perspective.
During the 4 years of the project more than 200 military employee were trained and educated by the National Park.

ACTION D.7: Conference and seminar 


100 applicants from 13 countries took part of the international conference on 14-16 May 2014, in Veszprém, Hungary, in the framework of the Hungarian Little Plain Project (LIFE08 NAT/H/000289) and the Eastern-Bakony Project (LIFE07 NAT/H/000321), which both aims to rehabilitate protected sand land habitats on areas used by Military Forces.
Military usage of protected areas is a common practice in many countries in Europe. Defence forces and conservation experts face with similar issues, such as illegal waste deposition, spread of invasive species, rehabilitation of degraded habitats and demolition of abounded military buildings, therefore, exchange of information and best practices in different countries are crucial.
More than 20 applicants presented their experiences under two main topics: biologists, ecologists and environmental experts presented nature conservation and rehabilitation of sand land habitats, while representatives of Defence Ministries and NATO personnel were invited to present military aspects and best practices.
On the second and the third day of the conference two field trips provided ground for the participants to look at the results of conservation actions, the protected and invasive species.  It was also a unique opportunity to ask the partners and their experts responsible for the implementation for on-site experiences and advice.
To conclude, this unique conference facilitated an international best practice exchange, and ensured the opportunity for networking and for future cooperation. Feedbacks from the participants also confirmed that there is a need for similar events or platforms and projects, which provide ground for a dialogue between military and nature conservation experts.
About the field trips you can read here and here.
Presentations of the plenary, military and nature conservation sessions can be found here.
Photos are available in the Gallery.


A successful International Seminar was organised between 20 – 21. May 2015, in Győr, Hungary in the Hotel Révész. In spite the obligatory indicator number for press conferences was 3, Aquaprfit Co.  decided to organise another Press conference related to the International Seminar, to attrackt more attention from the media to increase press coverage about the project.
On the first day of the seminar (20 May 2015) 40 participant attended and listened to the presentations from various nature conservation experts. At the end of each section questions and answers started a discussion on the topic.

Participants were from 3 countries, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria. In the evening, optional programme was offered to the participants, Sight seeing in the City of Győr, which was guided by the Attila Bozsóki, Lt. Colonel, Deputy Commander of SAM WING 12 ’Arrabona’ or overnight observation of butterflies and bats in the Hungarian Little Plain project area. The latter, unfortunately had to be cancelled due to heavy rain event.
On the second day of the seminar (21 May 2015) participants were transported to the Hungarian Little Plain Project area to Győrszentiván, where they could see the restults of the conservation actions and the newly introduced cattle of the Hungarian Gray. 100 of these animals are currently grazing on more approximately 155 hectar area with the prupose of grassland rehabilitation and conservation of good state.  Nature conservation experts could also observe several protected spieces which were blooming in May, such were for example, Adonis vernalis, Orchis militaris, Orchis coriophora.

ACTION D.9: Installation of gates, information and notice boards and awareness raising against trespassing


There are 6 notice boards installed at the main entrances of the project area. All of include the necessary logos (LIFE and Natura 2000, project logo and the logos of the beneficiaries), and inform on the restricted entering. 


The Budapest Forestry Co. has installed an electric fence system and several gates together with several notice and information boards in order to fight against illegal waste deposition and the ditches and dirt roads which were created by motor vehicles adverting from the road.
The security electrical fence system provides assurance to stop illegal and uncontrolled entrance and passing. This way the project area became more safe by closing the area down in case of military training. The system installed on 23 July 2014 is also a basis of grazing the cattle for grassland management. 


ACTION D.10: Preparation of layman’s report

The complete Layman’s report was published in the autumn of 2015 and can be downloaded from our homepage.


ACTION D.11: Preparation of plan for post-project communication 

The complete post project communication plan was published in december 2015 and can be downloaded from our homepage.  

After-LIFE Conservation Plan
Conservation Plan was prepared during the project's final phase in 2015, which includes actions and measures to be implemented after closing of the project. The document can also be viewed within the Downloads menu.